What's it like being a Play Captain?


  • It's a lot of fun! You'll meet FAB people and develop positive relationships with your co-workers and the children on the Play Streets.

  • It's hard work! You'll have to work on a team, work outside in ALL kinds of weather. You'll be held to high standards like: excellent attendance and punctuality, positive communication, being a positive role model and collaborating with your co-workers. We believe that play can be professional.

  • It will be a FAB first job; for more than 80% of our Play Captains it's their first job.

An Innovation of FAB YOUTH PHILLY, LLC

You can apply to work at Fab Youth Philly as a

Play Captain through WorkReady. Here's what you do.

Please follow all of the directions carefully! You can also watch the video below to help you understand the steps you need to take.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Fill out an application for Fab Youth Philly. Click here.
After you fill out the
Fab Youth Philly application- apply online to WorkReady (Click here)  and give this specific Parks & Recreation code: S124
Check your email regularly! If you meet the criteria,     Fab Youth Philly will contact you to schedule an interview (so make sure your contact information is correct).
Due to the Covid-19 virus, interviews are on hold. Interviews will take place as soon as we are able to gather again in public spaces.
Step 5
IF HIRED you will HAVE TO get your paperwork processed. This is REQUIRED. You WILL NOT be able to work if you do not go to one of these sessions and complete the necessary paperwork (listed on the Fab Youth Philly application).
Due to the Corona Virus, the processing dates have been canceled. Once we are cleared to gather again in public spaces, we will inform you of the dates and locations where you can process your paper work.
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