Would you like to have Play Captains at a playground or park near you?


  • The Play Captains are placed in teams, minimally five per team.

  • They are supported by an adult, called a Group Leader. The Group Leader is ONSITE every day with the teens; their job is to provide real-time coaching and support to the Play Captains.

  • Play Captains and Group Leaders have their FBI, Criminal Background, and Child abuse clearances;  We partner with the Drexel Health Hub to ensure they get a physical exam and their TB shots.

An Innovation of FAB YOUTH PHILLY, LLC

During the summer and fall of 2020, in the middle of the Pandemic we tested a new model of the Play Captain Initiative; Play Captains at the Playground!

Because it was not safe for the Play Captains to be in early childhood centers, we hired three teens to lead playful learning games at a playground near the early childhood centers where they had been working in West Philly.

Children and whole families safely played tag, basketball, hot-hot-cold; read books together and made crafts.

We are expanding our Play Captains in the playgrounds this summer! Look for our teens in their red shirts in park or playground near you in 2021.

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