Would you like to have Play Captains work in your early childhood center?

It's FREE to you!


  • The Play Captains are placed in teams, minimally two per team, and up to 8, depending on the size of the center, number of classrooms or groups you have.

  • They are supported by an adult, called a Group Leader, who is hired and trained by Fab Youth Philly. The Group Leader is ONSITE every day with the teens; their job is to provide real-time coaching and support to the Play Captains.

  • Play Captains and Group Leaders have their FBI, Criminal Background, and Child abuse clearances;  We partner with the Drexel Health Hub to ensure they get a physical exam and their TB shots.

  • We will help the Play Captains and Group Leaders complete any paperwork needed to volunteer for your center.

An Innovation of FAB YOUTH PHILLY, LLC

In 2018, with support from a West Philadelphia Promise Neighborhood Grant, we began placing Play Captains in two early childhood centers: Taylor's Learning Academy & West Philadelphia Community Center.

In the early childhood centers, the Play Captains support the lead and assistant teachers by helping with homework, reading with individual or small groups of children and the lead playful learning activities.

In 2019, we expanded into two NEW early childhood centers, including: Spellers and Destiny's child care centers.

In order to work in the early childhood center, the Play Captains have to had worked for us during the summer.

They typically work three days per week: Tuesday is professional development at the office with Fab Youth Philly and then they are onsite, Wednesdays and Thursdays. ​

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